Lens Protocol is a public, open, and permissionless social graph that any user and application can plug into and build with.

This architecture enables a variety of ways that developers can build with Lens, including completely new social applications, integrations with other applications, custom modules, analytics tools, SDKS, libraries, and much more.

Integrations 🤝

In addition to building applications directly on Lens, you may want to integrate Lens into other new or existing applications. Each application using the Lens Protocol benefits the whole ecosystem, turning the zero-sum game into a collaborative one.

Lens Protocol provides a variety of social features, including profiles, content, comments, and monetization, which can be easily integrated. Through our API, you can quickly access a large user base and generate network effects with less effort.

Sign in with Lens lets you access user's information, such as name, bio, social URLs, pictures, interests, reputation, and activity.

Share to Lens helps distributing your application and its content to a larger audience.

Follow on Lens enables your app to display social connections.

Profile components allow your users to display their social profile on any web3 application.

Publication components allow you to embed Lens posts into any application with only a few lines of code.

Learn more about how to integrate Lens in the developer docs here.

Payments 💳

Because every user of Lens is also a wallet owner, there is opportunity to leverage the Lens social graph to implement payments in new and interesting ways.

Consider the UX of apps like Cash App and Venmo and how you might enable a similar UX combined with features enabled by Lens APIs and a user’s social graph.

Mobile 📱